Tuesday, February 10, 2015

PETE & C 2015

I'm excited to be presenting at PETE & C today! My weekdays usually consist of planning lessons, managing papers, listening to 15 stories at once*, watching birds, and resetting Wifi, so it's exciting to be at such a large and glittering conference. Look at the awesome room!

My presentation focuses on looking at digital AND traditional text. So much of the conversation lately has been exploring the rise of digital text and kids' expertise (or lack thereof) with it. In my classroom, though, I've discovered something interesting--kids don't learn best from either digital or traditional text, but from both. 

Link to Activity Spot app

I took the opportunity to play around with Google Slides. You can check out the presentation here:

If you're looking for some of my previous presentations, you can find them here:

Building Online Reading Comprehension

Writing from Sources, Part 2 from Emily Kissner

*15 is an exaggeration. The most I have achieved is three. Three students, talking simultaneously, each telling a story, and I could understand them all! As my teen says, it's like I have superpowers, but they're not very useful.

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  1. Wow! Congratulations, Emily. I am positive you did an incredible job and inspired every teacher in that room today - just like you inspire so many of us with all of your posts and encouragement!