Friday, May 13, 2011

Upcoming Workshop

I'll be presenting a full-day workshop called "Reading Refresher" on Friday, June 17. As I've been looking through the journals, there are so many interesting ideas that have a real value to our everyday classroom practice...yet these ideas often get overlooked in professional development. If you don't have time to read journal articles, but would like to get some fresh perspectives, this is for you! (And, as with all of my workshops, the emphasis is on practical classroom use.)

They day will include:
  • Talking about those readers who puzzle us
  • The "simple view" of reading, and how this relates to our teaching
  • Helping students to use multiple strategies to build meaningful mental models
  • Working with multiple literacies
  • Making all of this work with the Common Core a way that keeps our classrooms fun and engaging!
The presentation will be at Biglerville Elementary. York and Adams County teachers can register through the LIU:

If you are not teaching in York or Adams County, but would like to attend, please contact me.

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