Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Peeps Dioramas for Student Council

In between blogging, writing, playing around outdoors, and spending time with my family, I also run our school's Student Council. Things get crazy!

I imagine that there are probably many others who have found themselves in the same situation--running Student Council, but without much extra time to give to such an undertaking.

I've learned that it is helpful to have a set schedule for the year. Repeated projects give a shape to our school year. They also help me--I am always short on time, and having a standard schedule means that most of the prep work can be saved from year to year.

Several years ago we were looking for a fun spring event that would engage students after standardized testing. My oldest son suggested Peeps dioramas after we spent time looking at the Washington Post galleries together. What a perfect idea! We don't do dioramas for school projects much anymore, but kids are just naturally attracted to creating miniature worlds.

And it's been a great success. Each year we've had more than 40 entries, which is an amazing showing for our school of less than 200. As students bring in their dioramas, our fabulous custodian arranges them in the cafeteria. I can always tell when a particularly impressive diorama has come in--the students are buzzing as they come in from breakfast. "Did you see...." "Mrs. Kissner, you have to go to the cafeteria right now!"

Some dioramas are obviously completely kid-made, while others look like they have become family projects. Kids talk about working with their moms and dads or even grandparents to bring their ideas to life.

This year,  the end of the contest will coincide with our Parent Breakfast. It may make the serving a little trickier, but it will be fun to show off all of the dioramas. We end the day with a brief awards ceremony in the gym and the presentation of The Golden Peep.

So, if you're embroiled in a thousand crazy schemes (like me), you may want to consider giving Peeps dioramas a try. After all, what's the harm in one more crazy scheme?

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