Sunday, April 27, 2014

Roman Readers Theater

About ten years ago I realized that I could write my own resources to use in the classroom. The process at first was grueling--it would take me weeks to plan, write, and format one informational article.

I'd like to think that I can now move through the process a little more quickly, but it still requires a particular mindset to accomplish.

Luckily my husband has been one of my best critics and my best advocate. Last week, he asked if I could write some materials for his enrichment group. They are a lively, intelligent bunch (and my son happens to be in the group!) Knowing about my son's current love for mythology and ancient history, I wrote a series of readers theater scripts about ancient Rome.

I was excited for my son to read them. "What did you think of the scripts?"I asked on our way home.

"Mm. They were fun. I wanted to be the smallest part, so I chose the notary. Could you put the bit about the fluffy bunnies in all of the scripts?'

"You wanted the smallest part?" I asked, a bit surprised.

"Of course. I always want the smallest part," he answered. "But you need to put fluffy bunnies in all of the scripts. It would be so easy."

I pressed him a bit more to see if he had learned anything from the scripts (which was after all the point), and he rattled off details about the different jobs of ancient Rome. "But they all need fluffy bunnies," he persisted.

So I added the fluffy bunnies detail to all of the scripts and resolved that next year, when he was in fourth grade, I'd have to make sure that he didn't always get the smallest part.

News and Notes
-Roman Readers Theater is available if you are interested.
-I've added a new text (Water Pollution) to the Cause and Effect unit. If you've already purchased it, you can re-download it for free, with the latest updates.

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