Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Summer Literacy Plan

The clock is counting down to the end of the school year! When the smell of honeysuckle floats through the air and the sounds of "Slap Billy-Ola" echo at recess, I know that summer is coming.

My readers this year have been such a wonderful, engaged group. I wanted to create something that would keep them reading and writing all summer long. I created this Summer Literacy Plan for them!

Today, I introduced the summer literacy plan in class. The students were eager to think about it and make great summer reading plans. The plan suggests that students create at least one goal for each area (literature, informational text, writing, and fluency). To my delight, many students were making multiple goals for each area!

After students talk about their plans with parents and return the plans with parent signatures, I will make copies to give to their next teacher, who is also excited about summer literacy. Plans and record sheets will go home in report card envelopes, which I think will make them seem more "official". I'm looking forward to great things!

Helping students to plan for summer literacy is so important. How are you getting students ready for summer reading?

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