Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Favorite Activity Circle Activities

This year I worked to put lots of new activities on Activity Circle, the digital platform for teachers to publish interactive content for students. These are my favorites:

Paired Passages: Tulips
I loved creating this passage, which is also available in Spring Paired Passages over on TeachersPayTeachers. Turning a passage set into a digital interactive was challenging, but kids responded well.

Happy Australia Day!
My students are always eager to read about other places. This activity teaches about the text structure of compare and contrast with content about Australia Day. I like how it combines text structure, reading comprehension, and vocabulary.

Ferry Boats
Digital activities give us the opportunity to put text, video, and student interaction all in one place! This digital activity includes a scaffolded summary, one of my favorite instructional strategies for helping students to learn the academic language of summarizing.

Homophones: There, they're, and their
Students need lots of practice with choosing the correct form of the word to put in a sentence. This activity combines a fun video with engaging content--frogs!

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