Sunday, August 21, 2016

First Day of School Schedule: Sixth Grade

    This is the week in which I have to take a sketchbook filled with notes, ideas, and sketches and turn it into a cohesive plan--yikes!
    One of my most important tasks for the Sunday before school starts is to get a good schedule for the first day. I teach sixth grade in an elementary school, and I will have a mostly self-contained class this year. For the first day, I keep the first two stages of group dynamics firmly in mind:

My main goal for the first day is to form a friendly, productive group. There will also be some norming involved as kids test our group.  I want to keep a fast pace with lots of different kinds of activities throughout the day. Over the course of these activities discussions of rules and expectations will naturally arise. Students won't have to sit down and listen to a long lecture on rules--instead, they'll be actively involved in creating our group expectations for the entire day.

Here is my tentative schedule for the first day. What do you think?

First day of school for sixth grade from Emily Kissner

    You'll notice that the day is chunked into blocks. This is because there are always unexpected things that happen on the first day, and thinking in terms of shorter time blocks makes it easier to be flexible. Also, if an activity flops (and they sometimes do!) I can move on and tweak my other times from there.

    What does your first day schedule look like?

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