Thursday, June 21, 2018

Independent Reading Letter

    At my Independent Reading Workshop, many teachers were interested in adding accountability to independent reading. Often, I just walk around the room and check off on my clipboard the books that students are reading, and end it there.

   Once a month or so, I enjoy working with students to gain a deeper insight into their reading. This Independent Reading Letter assignment is a fun way to do this.

Here are some quick notes about using this assignment:

Complete these in the classroom! You will have much better results with this if you provide class time for the assignment. When I do it, I circulate to talk with students about what they are writing.

Keep these month to month: It's fun to keep the Independent Reading Letters that students create and look at them month to month. You can see incredible growth over the year! (On a more cynical side, if students are typing these, you might also want to keep them to make sure they are not copying and pasting month to month.)

Share with students: Students love sharing their letters with each other! One month you can mix it up by having students write their letters to one another.

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