Monday, September 21, 2009

Text Structure, Text Structure, Text Structure

Here is a compendium of resources related to text structure. If you are having trouble downloading Slideshare presentations, it may be because your school district server is blocking Slideshare. Try downloading at home. Alternatively, most items are also posted at "emily kissner". (All of my items are free. I can't upload directly to Blogger, so I've been experimenting with other sites.)

Also, I'm working on the formatting for several other little books--if you are interested in receiving these, send me a message and I'll get them out to you.

-A blog post with a list of text structure picture books

-A Powerpoint presentation to introduce text structure to students

-A Powerpoint presentation to introduce younger students to comparing

-A Powerpoint presentation to introduce younger students to cause and effect

-A blog post with a link to a projectable book about cause and effect

-An assortment of paragraphs for teaching text structures

-An activity to help students understand causes and effects

-A Powerpoint presentation to help students understand the word structure (this is very important to understanding text structure!)

-A very simple projectable book using compare and contrast (written for kindergarten)

Enjoy! Leave a comment if you found something useful!

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  1. would love any resources mentioned above!