Sunday, October 11, 2009

Content Area Literacy Resources

Here are some resources to go along with the October 12 workshop at Waynesboro:

Anthony Wayne article: This article, suitable for readers in grades 6-8, gives a brief biography of Anthony Wayne.

Chinese Etiquette article: Written as an example of compare/contrast text structure, this article includes multiple choice questions and a short answer response.

Fairy shrimp article: A science article about fairy shrimp

Teaching Text Structure Powerpoint: An overview of teaching text structure

Text structure lesson for science: A lesson plan from Utah about using text structures in science class.

The Clarifying Routine: From LD Online, an article with more strategies for teaching vocabulary.

Lots of lessons and links for text structure: From Literacy Matters

Reading Quest: Although this is written for social studies, teachers in all areas will be able to find resources such as graphic organizers, strategies, and helpful content area reading information.

Just Read Now Vocabulary: This resources, from Florida, includes explanations of 12 key vocabulary strategies, including the Frayer model, semantic webbing, Possible Sentences, and word sorting.

Enjoy! If you have any links of your own to add, please share them in the "Comments" section. Thanks!

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