Saturday, June 15, 2013

Focus on Grammar: Progressive Tenses

I'm working on a new teacher workshop for next week--Grammar and the Common Core. Hooray! Sitting and sifting through research articles and putting together a slideshow is a great way to celebrate the beginning of summer. (Well, at least I could kind of justify my Pinterest browsing as looking for funny grammar-related memes!)

It's interesting to see how verb tenses are expressed through the Common Core. Beginning in second grade, students are expected to use verbs to show a sense of time. In third grade, they need  to form and use the simple verb tenses. Fourth grade adds the progressive verb tenses, while fifth graders are expected to use verb tenses to show a variety of sequences and conditions.

Here is a PowerPoint that I made to help students understand and use the progressive tenses:

Progressive tenses from Emily Kissner

**There are pictures of my youngest son in this presentation, used with his permission of course. Although now he is negotiating Terms of Use every time I get out the camera...

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