Monday, July 9, 2018

Description Texts for Teaching Text Structure

Summer means it's time to dust off the teaching units and make updates. One of my ongoing projects is to redo my old TpT products, especially working to turn them into easily printable PDFs.

The Description Texts for Teaching Text Structure set was originally made to feature articles and activities to help readers understand this important text structure. As I revised and updated, I added some of my favorite texts from other products, looking at building background knowledge and creating strong links to content areas. Of course I couldn't help but to update the formatting as well!

I ended up with over 100 pages including 13 articles, before and after reading activities, and answer keys. Once I got started I just couldn't stop.

Here are some of my favorite additions!

The Green Darner: This article is organized in question and answer format to describe an awesome migrating dragonfly. Originally featured in September Reading Homework, it is a friendly text for helping students to recognize key features of description. I loved researching it!

A Stinky Sign of Spring: I adore skunk cabbages as one of the first signs of spring in wet forests. When I put together the March set of homework packets, I included an article about these plants. I updated the formatting and added MORE skunk cabbage pictures because they are so amazing.

Canals: Okay, so understanding the role of canals in history and early transportation is so important, but year after year I find that kids just have no idea of what a canal is or what it is used for.

I wrote an article about canals that I used in Daily Warm-Up Activities for Nonfiction Test Preparation, but I wanted to add some prettier formatting. Now it's updated and ready to be used as an example of description/main idea and detail text structure.

Remember, if you previously purchased this set, you can download an updated version for free! I hope that these texts and activities help you to teach about this important text structure.

Free PowerPoint for teaching the description text structure

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