Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Projectable books

I can't escape from school. As I sit on the beach, dig a sand castle, or peer into a stream to catch creatures, teaching thoughts just enter my brain.

One of the thoughts was about how I can use projectable books in my instruction. I like the idea of projectable books for several reasons. Not only do they make text visible to all of the students, but they also allow us to highlight key features.

I'm working my way through several questions about projectable books. How do I deal with the issue of students reading at different rates? Would timing the slides be useful, or would it leave some kids behind? Where can I find projectable books? Will they be useful in the long term, or will the novelty wear off quickly for students?

I decided to try adapting a book that I had already written for emergent readers to use as a projectable book. Here is the link to the book at Slideshare:

Other projectable books can be found at Reading

What do you think? How do you plan to use projectable books this fall?

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