Saturday, July 11, 2009

Steve Jenkins books at Kohl's!

I love to check out the new $5 books that Kohl's sells by the cash registers. I was thrilled to see this month's choices, three books by Steve Jenkins. This author creates books that include lovely artwork and true animal facts. There are three books available, plus stuffed animals to go along with them. But get them fast...I learned this lesson with their last offering, Duck Soup, which I missed.

Biggest, Strongest, Fastest: Full page collages show animals that break records for speed, strength, and size.

What Do You Do With A Tail Like This?: Great book for teaching adaptations, with facts about how different animals use their ears, eyes, and of course tails.

Actual Size: I've noticed that kids will pore over this book for shows pictures of different animals, depicting their actual sizes.

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