Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New presentations to share

I started making Powerpoints last fall, when I inherited a (slightly) broken LCD projector. I figured out the secret to making it work, and I haven't looked back. With two children and a somewhat hectic lifestyle, I find that Powerpoints help me to keep my teaching points organized and my brain in order.

One of my first presentations, "Understanding Text Structure" is nearing 3000 downloads at It's available for free at It's an overview of the different common text structures, with examples and explanations.

Lately I've started making some presentations for younger readers. Instead of emailing them to workshop participants, I've been experimenting with posting over at The latest one is called "Comparing is a Kind of Thiknking" and shows students how to compare. Here is the link: Downloads are quick and easy.

And, in between cross-posting and blogging and getting into Web 2.0, I've also squeezed in visits to our local state parks...the frog picture on this post is from Kings Gap State Park, where Zachary counted 33 frogs from one location. Pretty neat!

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