Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Doing More with Less

We had a great conversation about doing more with less at today's professional development workshop! First we talked about what we will have MORE of and what we will have LESS of. Then we talked about how we can work with less in our classrooms--by building student accountability, by using what we have, by turning complex routines into simple ones, and by reinventing what we teach.

Teachers had some great ideas--more ways to use a cereal box for instruction than I ever imagined. DVD cases, old magazines, and tourist pamphlets were also turned into imaginative and interesting learning centers. (Sorry no pictures; my computer was just updated and I haven't taken the time to import my photo library)

A librarian showed us how to use our community library databases to get access to high quality texts and pictures. For Adams County teachers, this is the link to the databases that you can get. You will need a library card.


You can also find resources at the Power Library Link on this website. SIRS Discoverer is a good site for kids.

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