Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting Started with Kinds of Text

Last time, I wrote about moving beyond calling every text a "story".  As I work on planning my first unit for the school year (yikes!) I'm reviewing and dusting off all of my resources for learning about different kinds of text.

Introducing Narrative, Informational, Persuasive, and Poetic Text
I updated this Powerpoint and posted it. Last year, I wrote it to show how texts with the same topics can reflect different purposes and different kinds of text. It worked very well and gave the students a good starting point for talking about text. These words became some of our first vocabulary words for the school year.

Persuasive and Informational Text
I wrote this blog post last year about how students have such trouble with figuring out when authors are trying to persuade them. (Update on my youngest son's susceptibility to infomercials: Now he is a hardened skeptic, deriding all infomercials as being useless. How quickly they grow up!)

Narrative and Expository Text
Another blog post from last year, this one with Jack and Jill rewritten in different forms.

Readers Theatre
Three scripts to help students learn about author's purpose. (Yes, they're pretty silly!)

What other resources have you found for teaching about kinds of text?

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